Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’ll keep this short (as I do tend to waffle on…). I launched as a freelance marketing manager in June 2016, after a failed stint in army basic training (and a back and knee injury to prove it). Turning back to my previously experience and knowledge, I decided it was the time to set up on my own and I was very lucky to land myself a client whom I still work with seven months later.

My dream was to help small businesses. I know many people who’ve launched their own businesses, and one of the key aspects they struggled with was how to correctly market themselves. I would try to give advice in a nutshell, but, honestly, marketing is a HUGE area, and trying to send such information across a Facebook message is useless.

Now I’m in a position whereby I have my own freelance operation and am able to help people professionally. I’m not looking to be your forever marketing team. I’m not wanting to set you up on social media and with a mailing list and then expect you to rely on me forever-more to keep that going. My role is to research your business, write a marketing to-do list, start you off and then train you in how to market your own business. Don’t worry – I won’t disappear forever after that. I’ll be at the end of an email if you have questions.


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